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Started on 29 September
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L2Lionna Players Welcome Bonuses - 96H Limited!

11 Oct 2017

Since the server is rising daily we thought why not make it even bigger by inviting the new comers and the people from L2Lionna
thinking to come on our server with some welcome bonuses.

How to get the bonuses?
1) Create a new account & create a new character
2) Use in the box Promo Code: froml2lionna

On level 1, all L2Lionna players will get 7-Days Premium Account Bonuses.
On level 20, 10-Days Limited yellow nickname.
On level 40, 150 Mana Potions + 150 Greater Healing Potions + 5kk Adena. (enough to buy full C-Grade Weapon-Armor-Jewels)
On level 52, 10kk Adena. (enough to buy full B-Grade Weapon-Armor-Jewels)
On level 61, 40kk Adena. (enough to buy full A-Grade Weapon-Armor-Jewels)
On level 76, 80kk Adena. (enough to buy full S-Grade Weapon-Armor-Jewels)
On level 80, Red Strider Mount
On level 82, 50 Giant's Codex x + 10 Giant's Codex Mastery + 250 Greater CP Potions
On level 85, 1x Icarus Weapon Box 1x Dynasty Jewels Box 1x Dynasty Armor Set Box (Random)

All the Clans with over 10+ Players online will get Level 7 + 75k CRP on Sunday 20:30 Server Time!

Event is running from Friday 13th untill Tuesday 17th October.

BETA Reward System!

26 Sep 2017

BETA Rewards

ALL BETA Participants win 10 FA Reward on LIVE. (Rewards will be automatically delivered on your 1st created char on your account on LIVE with mail system by the system, the account you will use on Grand Opening must be the same in order to get the BETA Rewards)
1st on each Class in Olympiad on BETA: 25 FA Reward on LIVE. (-II-)
Top 1-2-3 PvP on BETA: 25-20-15 FA Reward on LIVE. (-II-)
Top 1-2-3 PK on BETA: 20-15-10 FA Reward on LIVE. (-II-)
Top 1-2-3 Event Kills on BETA: 20-15-10 FA Reward on LIVE. (-II-)
Top 1-2-3 Olympiad wins on BETA: 20-15-10 FA Reward on LIVE. (-II-)

BETA Info, Patch, Features & Rewards.

23 Sep 2017

BETA Information
BETA will run from Sunday 24 September 20:00 untill Wednesday 27 September 24:00. (76 hours total)
Grand Opening will be on Friday 29 September 20:00.

The BETA main spawn zone, pvp areas and events will be held in Primeval Isle.

BETA Features
Rates same as LIVE.
All new characters are spawned in Primeval Island - Safe Zone.
All new characters are level 85.
All new characters are noblesse.
All new clans are level 5 + full lv. 5 skills auto learned. (same as live)
BETA Safe Enchant +6.
BETA Max Enchant +6.
Olympiad 24/7 - Non-based class only & 1 char per HWID allowed to register in olympiad.
BETA Shop will offer armors/weapons/jewels up to Elegia.
BETA Shop will have 3 PvP Teleport spots on Primeval Isle.

BETA - System Patch
BETA Patch Mirror #1
BETA Patch Mirror #2
BETA Patch Mirror #3

L2Maxcheaters.com Information.

30 Aug 2017

L2Maxcheaters is a brand new Lineage 2 Game Server by the well known since 2004 www.maxcheaters.com gaming forum.

The Open BETA is at Sunday 24 September (20:00 GMT+1)
The Grand Opening is at Friday 29 September (20:00 GMT+1)

The server Chronicle version will be High Five and the basic rates:
» Exp/SP: x15
» Adena: x12
» Drop: x10
» Spoil: x10
» Raid Boss Drop: x5
» Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1
» Safe Enchant: +4
» Max Enchant: +9 (Untill 31 October)

L2Mxc will have its own autonomy in the game and the only ways to reach staff for "Account Inquiries" only are:
1) By sending email at lineage2maxcheaters@gmail.com.
2) By submitting a request on the Website Live Chat.
3) Creating a topic in forum.

Server Staff

Maxtor - Administrator & Founder of the "Maxcheaters" brand & owner of the server.
Dzver - Administrator of L2MXC Game Server & features operator.
Heiko - Head Developer of MXC Game Server & content creator.
Ragnar - Developer of MXC Game Server & features, services & events creator.
Kamil - Game Server & Events Manager

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